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City Council Kills This Man’s 30 Year-Old Tree, And His Revenge Will Make Them Deeply Regret It
What would you do if the council ordered the death of one of your favorite trees, and then made you pay for it? That's what happened to one man in Redondo Beach, California recently, but although he lost the battle, he most certainly won the war.
10-Year-Old Boy Invents A Genius Device To Stop Children Dying In Hot Cars After His Neighbor’s Death
According to statistics, since 1998 around 712 children are thought to have died from heatstroke in the US alone after being left in hot vehicles. But thanks to one bright 10-year-old boy called Bishop Curry from McKinney, Texas, tragic and preventable deaths like these could soon be a thing of the past.
Girlfriend Secretly Illustrates Everyday Life With Her Bf, He Uploads Comics Online And They Go Viral (New Pics)
Half a year ago the world of one couple changed drastically when a boyfriend posted comics that his girlfriend Catana drew online. The cute style and adorable messages of the comics made them irresistible and they went viral really fast. Now more than 300k followers are waiting for Catana's weekly comics.
Dad Takes Hilarious Pics With His Baby Girl In Costumes And They’re Just Too Adorable
A 36-year-old California dad named Sholom Ber Solomon doesn't exactly need any convincing from his 9-month-old daughter, Zoe, to play dress-up. He's got a flair for matching costumes, and the hilarious photos he takes with his baby girl are going seriously viral.
The World’s First Water Park For People With Disabilities Has Just Opened, And It’s The Best Thing Ever
With summer almost upon us, water parks across the world will be filling up with children and adults looking for a fun way to cool down on a hot day. And thanks to this incredible new water park called Morgan's Inspiration Island in San Antonio, Texas, people with disabilities can also join the fun!
Gay Couple Who Was Told Their Love Was “Just A Phase” Recreates Their Pride Photo 25 Years Later
LGBTQ couples face countless obstacles in life, but one of the most irritating is their love being labelled as "just a phase". That's why Nick Cardello and his husband, Kurt English, decided to show the world that they've been going strong for 25 years with a touching photo of them attending the Equality March in Washington, D.C. last week - a recreation of the photo they took together at the same event in 1993.
10+ Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Are Im-paw-sible Not To Laugh At
Cats have always been funny, but as you can see from these hilarious pictures, they're even funnier with Snapchat!
Call #77 or 112 to Contact the Police in an Emergency?
College student evades cop-impersonating rapist by dialing #77 or 112 on her cell phone. True story? Good advice? Or is it neither?
10+ Unbelievable Examples Of Things Being Worn Down Over Time
From people and plants to cars and buildings, time eventually wears everything out. Sometimes it takes weeks or months, other times it can take years or decades, but eventually everything begins to crumble beneath the unstoppable pressure of Father Time.
10+ Of The Worst Design Fails By “Crappy Design” (New Pics)
We're pretty sure the employees who came up with these ideas had a 'long talk' with their bosses after the fact.
The “Reverse Zombie
swelling, and drops in blood pressure. This was quite strange, as you wouldn't expect symptoms to be so area-specific.
10+ Of The Most Powerful Powerful Fatherhood Moments By ‘Don’t Forget Dads’
We hear so much about the incredible selflessness and love of mothers that sometimes we tend to forget other, equally important person in child's life - dad. This Instagram account celebrates fatherhood by sharing adorable images and stories about dads, their love and their impact on the little ones. The idea behind the account is not only to showcase the beauty of fatherly love, but also to encourage all fathers to be involved in the lives of kids from a really young age.
10+ Times Dads Had The Funniest Pieces Of Advice And Quotes
Happy Father’s Day everyone! A few days ago, Jimmy Fallon asked his Twitter followers to "tweet out something weird, funny, or embarrassing your dad has said". He has already gotten a ton of responses and we've picked out the best ones.
It Looks Like The Queen Just Trolled The UK Prime-Minister About Brexit In The Most Brilliant Way
When The Queen of England delivers her yearly speech, she usually does so while dressed in a plethora of typically royal regalia. Jewels. Furry robes. And, of course, a crown. But this year Queen Elizabeth II raised eyebrows by ditching the traditional regal attire and opting instead for a simpler outfit.
People Are Posting Annoying Things That Annoy Them More Than They Should (10+ Pics)
There's undoubtedly something about broken patterns, messy alignments, and other flawed elements that bothers us. Even if you don't consider yourself a perfectionist, your brain is programmed to prefer things in a nice order, and everything else may fall in the "annoying" category. Don't believe me? Bored Panda has put together a list of pics to prove just how annoyed you could get in everyday situations.
Disney Princesses Reimagined Years Later As Queens By Daughters And Mothers
If we could request who Oprah should do the next episode of Where Are They Now? on, it would definitely be the Disney princesses. What have they even been up to since riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after? LA-based photographer Tony Ross is helping us visualise it by depicting Disney's most iconic maidens as majestic queens, and to make sure the portraits were extra-realistic, he had the princess models call in their moms to pose as the mythical matriarchs. The results were a
What Happens When You Ask The Wrong Guy For Help (10+ New Pics)
Do you have a picture that you'd like altering? Perhaps you'd like an ex-partner removing from a photograph, or maybe you wish that your hair didn't look quite so dorky in an otherwise perfect shot? Whatever you need, this guy can help. His name is James Fridman, but we prefer to call him the King of Photoshop, because as you can see from his hilarious creations, there seems to be nothing he can't do.
Tyra Banks’ Adorable Son York Makes His Debut – and Sends ‘All the Amazing Daddies’ Father’s Day Wishes
Tyra Banks‘ son York has praise for all the dads out there – but his own papa gets the most love. The America’s Got Talent host posted the first full photo of her 16-month-old baby boy on Instagram in honor of Father’s Day, sharing a sweet ...
18-Year-Old Guy Is Looking For A Wife In 1865 And His Newspaper Ad Will Make You Want To Marry Him Now
Back in the 19th century, Tinder and Craigslist weren't exactly a thing yet, so people had to find other ways to search for a mate. Advertising yourself in a local newspaper was one of them, and that's exactly what this eligible bachelor did in 1865. Now, in 2017, we all wish we could transport him to the future and take him up on the offer.
When humans grieve, more funeral homes are offering therapy dogs to help
After a child was struck and killed by a train in Fairmount, Indiana, last month, an 11-year-old boy who came to the visitation sat by himself in the front row and just stared at the casket, trying to understand. That’s when Judd, a specially-trained 2 ...
Amazing Ceiling Decorations for Your Modern Home
Decorating your ceiling uniquely is an innovative way to refresh the look of your home. Actually, you can decorate your ceiling using amazing architectural designs, LED decorative lights, or even unique colors. This article will provide you several options ...
Deep Sea Expedition Off The Coast Of Australia Discovers Mysterious And Bizarre Animals
We all know that the deep sea is full of some seriously strange-looking critters, many of which wouldn’t look out of place in your darkest nightmares. Well a recent Australian expedition run by CSIRO on the research vessel "Investigator" did not ...
10+ Funny White Lies Parents Tell Their Kids
Telling a little white lie to your child every now and then is certainly not a bad thing. As long as you make sure to backtrack and let them know that eating watermelon seeds won't actually turn them into a watermelon before they make it to high school, you're in the clear.
Cats the Musical arrives at the London Palladium
Have you ever wondered what’s involved in packing the set of Cats into a new theatre? When John Napier first created the Cat’s set back in November 1980, he planned to create a complete environmental space for the show that took the audience “into a world which uses real objects to conjure up fantasy, that […] The post Cats the Musical arrives at the London Palladium appeared first on Cats the Musical.
This Viral Photo Of Color-Coded Grandchildren Shows Just How Much One Family Can Grow
This family has a family photo unlike any others. Shared by the Roussel Six Pack Facebook page, the photo shows 17 grandchildren of 6 siblings all in one place. The grandchildren are all standing in birth order with color-coded shirts for each family.
Young Betty White Photographs
Purported pictures of actress Betty White in her 20s actually show an unrelated 1950's pin-up model.
Gluten-sniffing dogs help people with celiac disease
Dogs use their powerful noses to help humans detect danger, including sniffing for drugs, bombs and even cancer, but some canines are now assisting their families in a unique way: They sniff out gluten. They’re trained to help some of the 3 million ...
Bone-sniffing dogs will search for Amelia Earhart's remains on remote island
Amelia Earhart vanished during the last leg of her flight around the world nearly 80 years ago. But researchers now believe they have a way to figure out what happened to her. Josh King has the story (@abridgetoland). Buzz60 A group of researchers plan to ...
How cats conquered the ancient world
The domestic cat is descended from wild cats that were tamed twice - in the Near East and then Egypt, according to the largest study of its kind. Farmers in the Near East were probably the first people to successfully tame wild cats about 9,000 years ago.
Robert Downey Jr. Shares Photo With Doctor Strange, Bruce Banner and Wong on 'Avengers' Set
That is a lot of super-scientists! Robert Downey Jr. on Wednesday got fans all riled up when he posted a picture of himself hanging out with Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange), Benedict Wong (Wong) and Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/the Hulk) on the set of ...
Video captures Louisiana UPS driver's sweet bond with customer's dogs
Doniel Kidd snaps a selfie with dogs he befriended along his route. Some people believe dogs and mail carriers don't mix — but UPS driver Doniel Kidd is breaking the stereotype. The delivery driver is a well-known animal lover in at least one Athens ...
How Cats Conquered the World
Modern domestic cats all descend from a single type of wild cat: Felis silvestris lybica. From archaeological studies, researchers believe that F. s. lybica’s reign begins in the Near East, in a region stretching from modern-day Turkey down to Lebanon.
Thirsty Chameleon Found Mummified Alive by India's Searing Sun - Seeker
SeekerThirsty Chameleon Found Mummified Alive by India's Searing SunSeekerIt's strange that the dead chameleon was gripping the water pipe, said Christopher Raxworthy, the curator-in-charge of the Department of Herpetology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Chameleons that are dehydrated or weak lose
The time for Tarrant County's first cat cafe is meow - Fort Worth Star Telegram
Fort Worth Star TelegramThe time for Tarrant County's first cat cafe is meowFort Worth Star TelegramFood and drink can be brought into the cat lounge portion of the building, which will be filled with couches and cat trees, but cats won't go into the area where food is prepared and sold. The revenue model for a cat cafe is centered around a cat ...and more
WWE Staff Forced to Shoot Aggressive Wrestler After Child Climbs Into Steel Cage?
Reports of the shooting death of WWE champion Big Show originated with a well-known satirical humor site.
Life after The Hit: The amazing second act for Michigan's Vincent ... - ESPN
ESPNLife after The Hit: The amazing second act for Michigan's Vincent ...ESPNVincent Smith might be best known for becoming a viral sensation after Jadeveon Clowney decleated him in the 2013 Outback Bowl. But the hit never defined
Feminists Freak Out Over Wonder Woman 'Pay Gap' That Doesn't Actually Exist - Heat Street
Heat StreetFeminists Freak Out Over Wonder Woman 'Pay Gap' That Doesn't Actually ExistHeat StreetAs Vanity Fair points out, Hollywood contracts are strange animals, and Cavill's $14 million in earnings likely includes a box office bonus, which he received when Man of Steel defied its critics—and all reason—bringing home millions across the globe.and more
84 Great Danes, Including Puppies and Pregnant Dogs, Rescued from Alleged Mansion-Turned-Puppy-Mill in New Hampshire
“I’ve never seen conditions this bad in more than 21 years of law enforcement. Words cannot describe the absolute abhorrent conditions these animals were living in.” That’s a statement from Police Chief Dean Rondeau of the Wolfeboro, New Hampshire ...
Mom Offers $63,000 For Help With Kids, But Admits Last 5 Nannies Quit After Paranormal Events
Getting a nannying job with great pay and a lovely family can seem nearly impossible, as many nannying jobs offer difficult children, bad pay, and subpar living conditions. If you find one that fits your needs, you should immediately take it. Well, that ...
Are Indiana Muslims Appalled by an ‘Accurate’ List of Muhammad’s Deeds?
A billboard displaying hate speech is nowhere near accurate.