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Illustrating Equality VS Equity
IISC has long believed that this image, illustrating the difference between equality and equity, is worth a thousand words. As a gift to the world of equity practitioners, IISC engaged artist Angus Maguire to draw a new version of an old favorite (since we could only find pixelated versions of the original). Please feel free to... Read More
Amy Schumer's Viral Video Proves Guys Don't Understand Makeup
As a lifetime cosmetics fanatic, I've dated plenty of men who told me that I'd be "so much prettier without makeup." Perhaps you're familiar with this patronizing refrain. The best part is the commentary from these same guys when I skip several steps of my beauty routine. "Are you sick? You look so pale." "What's wrong with your eyelids? I can see all these little veins." (I no longer have any of these gents' phone numbers, obviously.) I've come to accept that guys just do not underst
How Old Are Fairy Tales?
It was once thought that fairytales were as young as their written records, but now researchers are exploring the possibility that some fairy tales may date back as far as the bronze age.
World Architecture Awards: Singapore's 'vertical village' named building of ... - The Independent
The IndependentWorld Architecture Awards: Singapore's 'vertical village' named building of ...The IndependentJudges at the eighth annual World Architecture Festival, held at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore, awarded the top prize to The Interlace. The village, designed by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture and Buro Ole Scheeren was ...The Interlace: A closer look at the World Building of the YearCNNWorld Building of the YearArchitecture NowSingapore stack na
Cityscape Rings Feature Architectural Highlights of Iconic Cities
North Carolina-based goldsmith Ola Shekhtman designs these fun skyline rings that wrap entire cityscapes around your finger. So far she’s managed to encapsulate the architectural highlights of over a dozen cities including Paris, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, Hong Kong and many more. All are available in various materials from bronze and silver to gold […]
These Jewish Hipster Tees Are So Hilarious, They'll Have You Shvitzing
Rocking a band t-shirt when you don't actually listen to the music you're repping? Risky move, my friend. But these Unkosher Market tees, created by LA-based duo Alice and Shiran, are not at all like that. Sure, they've all got phrases those who practice Judaism would pick up on, but you don't have to be religious to think they're funny. Anyone who's up to date on pop culture would immediately recognize "Shvitz It Out" as a play on Taylor's Swift's "Shake It Off." And making a statement like "M
The Art Institute of Chicago Recreates Van Gogh’s Famous Bedroom to be Rented on Airbnb
Moving the art viewing experience from a linear surface to a three-dimensional environment, the Art Institute of Chicago is launching an interactive experience alongside their latest exhibition—entry to a full-size replica of Van Gogh’s painting The Bedroom. The room, available on AirBnB starting today, includes all the details of the original painting, arranged in haphazard alignment to […]
Nohemí González, una
... donde estudiaba Diseño Industrial, ... de esa universidad que había envíado a 17 alumnos a pasar un semestre en el Strate College of Design de París.
100 Beauty Memes That Will Make You LOL
Few things have the ability to brighten our day like a solid meme. But we found something even better than the average meme - beauty memes! Whether you're a hair and makeup pro or just learning how to braid your hair, these funny photos are bound to make you laugh. Source: Instagram user makeupkaykay
Expansive New Geometric Drawings Trampled in Snow and Sand by Simon Beck
Driven by super-human forces and undaunted by the powers of nature, artist Simon Beck (previously) trudges across sand or through knee-high snow to create massive geometric drawings left behind in his footprints. From sandy expanses on the shore of New Zealand to frigid outlooks in the Swiss Alps, any pristine surface that stretches for hundreds […]
Ceramics Imprinted with Patterns of Vintage Typewriter Letters by Laura C. Hewitt
Ceramic artist Laura C. Hewitt creates a wide range of cups, plates, and other ceramic objects imprinted with letters and numbers from old typewriter keys. The Alaska-based artist utilizes fragments from mathematical formulas, programming languages, and other science-influenced designs, all carefully applied with a variety of typewriter letters in black ink to create one-of-a-kind pieces. […]
Extraordinary Interactive Hi-Res Exhibit of Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’
Teaching art history online can be tough, despite a wealth of tools and technologies it’s difficult to create an environment that compares to a great teacher who can make artworks engaging to a live audience. However, this new interactive exhibit of Hieronymus Bosch’s famous Garden of Earthly Delights completely nails it. This is the internet […]
Your Brain Is Hardwired To Snap
The same group of neurons could make you a hero — or a rage-filled aggressor.
Germany opens the first 3 miles of a 60-mile bicycle superhighway
Move over, bike lanes. Move wayyyy over. Germany put its pedals where its mouth is and opened its first bicycle-only highway, a three-mile stretch of protected roadway that is closed to cars and other motor vehicles. Unlike a traditional bike lane, which is separated only by paint on the asphalt, a bicycle highway is an entirely separate roadway where cyclists can zoom along on their merry way without worrying about car traffic at all. Germany’s bicycle highway is just getting sta
25 Hilarious Fashion Girl Quotes You'll Want to Share With All Your Friends
While we definitely enjoy perusing pictures of must-have clothing, street style, and well-dressed babies via Instagram, we love us a good fashion quote. The best ones we've found are both relatable and funny, something that makes us nod in agreement and accidentally chuckle in a crowded room. Plus, we can't forget the bits of wisdom and encouragement that help pump us up for the day ahead. So to help you start your morning with a laugh, we've rounded up a few of our favorite quotes from our own
Things Organized Neatly: A New Book of Compulsively Organized Things by Austin Radcliffe
One of my oldest sources of visual inspiration on the internet (and one of a handful of early art/design blogs that inspired me to start Colossal in 2010) was Things Organized Neatly, an exhuastive catalogue of objects compusively organized just so. From toy collections, to artworks and editorial photography, the site collects thousands of images […]
One Dead as Occupation Leaders Ammon and Ryan Bundy Arrested
Ammon and Ryan Bundy and six other people were arrested Tuesday in a confrontation with authorities in Oregon, the FBI said.
Why It's Time to Celebrate Average-Size Women
This post was written by our POPSUGAR UK editor and originally appeared on POPSUGAR Fashion UK. Unless otherwise stated, all dress sizes referenced are UK sizes. US sizes are approximately UK minus 4 (e.g., UK 14 = US 10). Source: Getty / Karwai Tang Some have suggested that 2014 was "the year of plus-size." To others, it was nothing more than a token nod in the right direction: a couple of models over a size 10 featured in big campaigns, a couple of celebrity collections that didn't stop at
The World's First Residential Building with a Ski Slope - Architectural Digest
Architectural DigestThe World's First Residential Building with a Ski SlopeArchitectural DigestShokhan Mataibekov of the Union of Architects of Kazakhstan has proposed the Slalom House residential project—a striking new winter sports facility that doubles as an apartment building—which could bring the slopes to the front door of people's homes ...and more
80 Outfits to Try When You
If you've ever promised yourself you'd wake up early only to snooze five different alarms and stumble out of bed last minute, we feel you. Waking up can be rough - but not quite as rough as getting dressed on mornings like these. Nothing looks right (were you insane when you bought that top?!), clothes are everywhere, and you're about a nanosecond away from sobbing and pretending you're sick. ("Sorry, can't adult today.") But rather than give up, what you need is a little direction. The key is
Dress as godly as prince of fashion, G-Dragon (AKA Giyongchy)
Without a doubt, Big Bang's G-Dragon's (GD) swag is incomparable to other idols. From gracing fashion weeks across the globe, to making signatures styles of his own, GD is the definition of K-Pop's trendsetter idols. Now, if you ever wanted to emulate his ...
Mideast Retailer Dumps Trump Products After Muslim Comments -
NBCNews.comMideast Retailer Dumps Trump Products After Muslim"As one of the most popular home decor brands in the Middle East, Lifestyle values and respects the sentiments of all its customers," Sachin Mundhwa, CEO of chain Lifestyle, said in a statement on Wednesday. "In light of the recent statements made by ...and more
A Smoldering Bouquet of Roses Photographed by Ars Thanea
As part of a reference photoshoot for an illustration project by Warsaw-based creative studio Ars Thanea, a bouquet of roses was set on fire and photographed as they smoldered in the dark. The glow of the dying embers is strangely evocative, it would be amazing to see an entire series of different flowers photographed like […]
25 Photos That Will Convince You to Go Modest on Your Wedding Day
When we first spotted Nicky Hilton on her wedding day, our jaws nearly fell to the ground. Gone was the revealing white number she wore mere days before, when she accidentally flashed a crowd at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. And in its place? A long, lacy Valentino gown, which one could perfectly describe as "classic" and, above all, "modest." All of a sudden, our minds went wild. We knew Nicky wasn't the only bride who could pull off this style, so we did a little Insta digging - and found
David Bowie Tribute: Starman Gets His Own Constellation
Starman gets his own constellation: Seven stars, in the vicinity of Mars
Ancient seeds sprout after lying dormant for 850 years
After sitting in a clay pot for eight hundred and fifty years, ancient squash seeds are ready to sprout. In 2008, archaeologists uncovered a seed ball, sculpted clay used to store seeds, at a dig site on the Menominee reservation near Green Bay, Wisconsin. Within this seed ball, seeds from a previously unknown variety of squash were found. Squash growing pioneers successfully germinated these ancient seeds and produced the first Gete-okosomin squash crop in centuries. The seeds of this squash ar
Wattpad on Cosmo: The Secret Life of Poot Lovato
She wasn't born cool for the summer so they locked her up in the basement thinking she wouldn't escape...
I Dressed Like Taylor Swift For a Week - and These Were the Results
To say I'm a Taylor Swift fan might be putting it mildly: her tunes have helped me through plenty of heartbreaks, I'm currently kinda POed at Katy Perry, and I consider the night my nosebleed concert seats were upgraded - for free! - to the stage's pit area one of the best times of my life. But another thing I admire about this leader of the fiercest girl group ever? Her ability to pull off a plethora of different styles, from cutout jumpsuits to feminine day dresses. So when I realized that my
Secrets of Century 21: The Carrie Bradshaw connection and truth about its facade - amNY
Secrets of Century 21: The Carrie Bradshaw connection and truth about its facadeamNYPop in on a weekend, and it's wall-to-wall tourists from all over the globe. But deals aside, the flagship is known for its stunning architecture, its congenial owners and its commitment to lower Manhattan following the 9/11 attacks. ... There are ...
An Early Christian Church Resurrected in Towering Wire Mesh by Edoardo Tresoldi
With hundreds of yards of wire mesh artist Edoardo Tresoldi has built an interpretation of an early Christian church that once stood in its place at the current Archaeological Park of Siponto, Italy. Built with the assistance of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and the Archaeology Superintendence of Puglia, the installation connects ancient […]
A Mysterious and Abandoned Fishing Village Outside of Budapest Captured in Perfect Reflection
A few years ago photographer Viktor Egyed accidentally stumbled upon the town Szödliget a few miles outside of Budapest, and to his delight found this small abandoned fishing village filled with clusters of A-frame huts. Deciding the weather was not ideal, Egyed came back a few years later when he was able to capture the town […]
A Camera Mounted to a Potter’s Wheel Puts Ceramics in a Dizzying New Perspective
Watching a ceramist work at a potter’s wheel is a mesmerizing and nearly meditative process as the wet clay slowly morphs into shape, spinning so quickly it loses definition almost completely. Eric Landon from Tortus Copenhagen was curious to see what things might look like from the clay’s perspective and mounted a camera to the […]
Ai Weiwei Wraps the Columns of Berlin’s Konzerthaus with 14,000 Salvaged Refugee Life Vests
Ai Weiwei has produced a five-column installation on the facade of Berlin’s Konzerthaus, a collection of 14,000 life vests from refugees who landed on the Greek Island of Lesbos after battling the Mediterranean Sea from Turkey. Ai hopes the bright orange installation draws attention to the hundreds of refugees that are trying to reach Europe […]
50,000 Solar Powered Bulbs Illuminate the Australian Desert in Bruce Munro’s Field of Light Installation
Over 50,000 bulbs light up an expanse of Australia’s Red Centre desert near Ayers Rock in an installation about the size of four football fields. The solar powered work, Field of Light Uluru, was produced by artist Bruce Munro who conceived of the idea while visiting Uluru in 1992. Twelve years later he created its first iteration […]
1 Woman Wore the Naked Dress IRL, and This Is What She Learned
In a single night, celebrities like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian ushered in a new era of red carpet dressing with sheer gowns we quickly dubbed "the naked dress." Since the Met Gala, the term has become a steady part of the fashion vernacular, referring to a sheer dress, embroidered or bedazzled just enough to create some semblance of modesty while revealing just about everything else. As with most trends in fashion, editors quickly became immune to the trend. It didn't seem as shocking as it did
Building A New Evo Is The First Thing We'd Do To Improve Mitsubishi
This is a sad lineup for a company that used to be best known for building cars that could go toe to toe with ... basing its cars on a modular architecture that can underpin both large and small vehicles. If Mitsubishi can develop a similar architecture ...
Newly Digitized ‘Phenakistoscope’ Animations That Pre-Date GIFs by Over 150 Years
Courtesy the Richard Balzer Collection Since first stumbling onto an early type of image projector called a magic lantern over 40 years ago, Richard Balzer became instantly obsessed with early optical devices, from camera obscuras and praxinoscopes to anamorphic mirrors and zoetropes. Based in New York, Balzer has collected thousands of obscure and unusual devices […]
Bernie Sanders Wins Maine Democratic Primary
Just minutes after the Democratic debate began in Flint, Michigan, on Sunday, the Associated Press called the Democratic presidential caucuses in Maine for Bernie Sanders. Sanders has won eight states thus far in the race for the Democratic nomination.Read more...
New York Weddings Blanketed in White
Some couples were in denial about how disruptive one of the biggest blizzards in the city’s history would be.
Colorful Basket Weaving Sculptures by Nathalie Miebach Transform Weather Data into Visual Art
Nathalie Miebach's colorful sculptures look like children’s toys gone awry, as if the designer inlcuded far too many twists and turns for a child to possibly follow. It would make sense that these twisted routes would throw one off course, as they are modeled from scientific data pulled from wind patterns, often from storms, gales or […]