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City Council Kills This Man’s 30 Year-Old Tree, And His Revenge Will Make Them Deeply Regret It
What would you do if the council ordered the death of one of your favorite trees, and then made you pay for it? That's what happened to one man in Redondo Beach, California recently, but although he lost the battle, he most certainly won the war.
Owner Tired Of Rude Customers Puts Up Genius Bar Sign To Teach Them A Lesson, And It Works Instantly
Roanoke coffee shop owner Austin Simms was fed up with rude customers so he decided to do something about it.
‘The Restaurant Of Order Mistakes’ Employs Waiters With Dementia, And You Never Know What You’re Getting
One of the most frustrating things that can happen when eating out is ordering one dish but receiving another. Surprisingly, one restaurant is offering just that - The Restaurant of Order Mistakes popped up in Tokyo's Toyosu district, and its mission was to hire waiters with dementia.
10-Year-Old Boy Invents A Genius Device To Stop Children Dying In Hot Cars After His Neighbor’s Death
According to statistics, since 1998 around 712 children are thought to have died from heatstroke in the US alone after being left in hot vehicles. But thanks to one bright 10-year-old boy called Bishop Curry from McKinney, Texas, tragic and preventable deaths like these could soon be a thing of the past.
Girlfriend Secretly Illustrates Everyday Life With Her Bf, He Uploads Comics Online And They Go Viral (New Pics)
Half a year ago the world of one couple changed drastically when a boyfriend posted comics that his girlfriend Catana drew online. The cute style and adorable messages of the comics made them irresistible and they went viral really fast. Now more than 300k followers are waiting for Catana's weekly comics.
Dad Takes Hilarious Pics With His Baby Girl In Costumes And They’re Just Too Adorable
A 36-year-old California dad named Sholom Ber Solomon doesn't exactly need any convincing from his 9-month-old daughter, Zoe, to play dress-up. He's got a flair for matching costumes, and the hilarious photos he takes with his baby girl are going seriously viral.
This Woman Has The Most Colorful Apartment You’ve Ever Seen And Even Unicorns Are Jealous
Amina Mucciolo, aka Studio Mucci, is living a colorful life. At least her apartment is.
40+ Of The Oldest Color Photos Ever Taken Let Us See How The World Looked Over 100 Years Ago
When you think of old photographs, you naturally think in terms of black and white, but as you can see from these stunning photographs from the turn of the 20th century, color photography has been around for a lot longer than you think.
The World’s First Water Park For People With Disabilities Has Just Opened, And It’s The Best Thing Ever
With summer almost upon us, water parks across the world will be filling up with children and adults looking for a fun way to cool down on a hot day. And thanks to this incredible new water park called Morgan's Inspiration Island in San Antonio, Texas, people with disabilities can also join the fun!
Disney Illustrator Imagines A Life With A Pet Octopus, And It’s Just Too Adorable (10+ Pics)
By day, Brian Kesinger is a story artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios and by night he's an author and illustrator of Walking Your Octopus. Kesinger masterfully blends the Disney world with the steampunk universe and imagines exciting adventures of a very unlikely friendship.
I’ve Been Drawing A Comic Every Day For My Girlfriend For 5 Years
Hello, my name's Pete and ever since I began dating my partner Kellie 5 years ago I've been making her illustrations based on our lives together, to capture the funny things we say and do. For the first few years no one except Kellie saw them but last year we decided to set up an Instagram page and since then we've been gradually building up a small and loyal following of super lovely, kind people. We've been overwhelmed by how positive and warm the support is.
These “Galaxy” Flowers Hold Entire Universes On Their Petals
Want to gaze at distant galaxies but don't have a strong enough telescope? Then don't worry, because we've got the perfect solution. All you need to do is to buy yourself some Night Sky Petunias, because as you can see, their petals look like they're hiding secret little universes inside of them.
8-year-old boy attacked by 3 dogs after jumping fence into neighbor’s yard in Clearfield
CLEARFIELD, Utah -- Lindsay Long's 8-year-old son was playing in their Clearfield backyard with a friend when his ball went over the neighbor's fence. He decided to go get it, and, in a matter of seconds, three pit bulls were on top of him. "The dogs ran ...
Gay Couple Who Was Told Their Love Was “Just A Phase” Recreates Their Pride Photo 25 Years Later
LGBTQ couples face countless obstacles in life, but one of the most irritating is their love being labelled as "just a phase". That's why Nick Cardello and his husband, Kurt English, decided to show the world that they've been going strong for 25 years with a touching photo of them attending the Equality March in Washington, D.C. last week - a recreation of the photo they took together at the same event in 1993.
Popsicles Made From 100 Different Polluted Water Sources Grab World’s Attention
These popsicles might look like the sort of thing you'd expect to find being served from a quirky organic artisanal food truck, but one bite could leave you very ill indeed, because they're actually made from sewage found in the polluted waters of Taiwan.
7 Playboy’s Playmates Recreate Their Own Magazine Covers Around 30 Years Later
The famous Playboy magazine just recreated their cover photos of 7 Playmates and the results are beautiful.
I Have Pareidolia, And I Create Characters Out Of The Faces I See
Hey, I'm Keith! A lot of the time, people don't see the faces I see in inanimate objects. So, I decided to illustrate them in a cartoonish way and write little stories about them to bring them to life. You can follow me on Instagram where I post more of my art.
This Japanese Company Makes Samurai Armor for Cats and Dogs
A Japanese company called Samurai Age just created something the world desperately needed - samurai armor for cats and dogs. Pets are already like loyal samurais that go by our side and protect us (not sure about cats, tbh), so surely they deserve armor that would ignite their warrior spirits.
Cat ‘LEGOS’ For People Who Can’t Get Enough Of Cats
If Lego and animals are among your favorite things in this world, now you can order a playful statue made of 'Legos' to liven up even the dullest office space or a living room. Hong-Kong-based company JEKCA offers mini 'Lego' sculptures for 'kidults' that come around 1.6 ft each - and their variety will surprise even the pickiest of customers.
Regular People Recreate 10 Corny Romance Novel Covers And It’s Hilarious
For a romance novel to be successful, it has to be steamy from the moment readers lay their eyes on it. The covers that end up on these titillating texts, however, are often just as over-the-top as the stories they adorn, and usually feature airbrushed models in dramatically sensual poses. When you put simple, everyday people in the same setting, it's even harder to take it all seriously.
What’s Wrong With Today’s Society Captured In 10+ Brutally Honest Illustrations
It's no secret that our society has its flaws - dependence on technology, taxes, obesity, devaluation of workers - to name a few. Some people may not even want to think about any these problems but illustrator John Holocraft, on the other hand, he looks them straight in the eye and depicts them in a satirical way.
1950s Experiment Asked Artist To Take LSD And Draw The Same Portrait 9 Times, And Each Portrait Got Crazier
In the 1950s the US government did a lot of experiments with psychotomimetic drugs (in fact, as anybody who's seen or read 'The Men Who Stare At Goats' will know, the US government used to do all sorts of weird and wonderful experiments). One of these experiments included feeding human test subjects measured quantities of LSD and then monitoring their ensuing behavior.
10+ Funny Dog Tweets That Are Too Relatable
Some people argue dogs are the best thing that happened to humanity. They're loyal, cheerful, friendly, smart... It's no surprise we get carried when they're around. We plan our lives around doggies, we spoil them more than we do our children, and tell them 'I love you' a 100 times a day. Yup, the shocking truth is that dog owners are pretty much owned by dogs.
10+ Times People Failed To Send Dog Pics To ‘We Rate Dogs’ Twitter
WeRateDogs is a Twitter account that does exactly what it says. It rates dogs. And it's hilarious. All you have to do is send them a picture of your dog via direct message (or any dog come to think of it) and they'll give it a score from one to ten. The only problem is, some people seem to be sending them pictures of things that CLEARLY aren't dogs!
10+ Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Are Im-paw-sible Not To Laugh At
Cats have always been funny, but as you can see from these hilarious pictures, they're even funnier with Snapchat!
10+ Of The Most Ridiculous Clothing Items That Are Actually Being Sold Right Now
Fashion can be so ridiculous sometimes, we really shouldn't even get amazed by it anymore. But this list of fashion pieces, though... If it does one thing, it surely amazes.
10+ Times Cats Found Catnip, And Cat.exe Stopped Functioning
If you're a cat owner, having a small bag of green powder in your home means something very different from what most people would think. It's that magical dust that turns domestic felines into wild jungle cats as soon as they get a whiff of it, and melts them into a motionless puddle of fluff if they lick it up. Enter the wondrous world of catnip, and the stoned kitties who can't get enough of it.
10+ Reasons Not To Trust Photos You See On Social Media
Behind the majority of great pictures there's a skilled and creative photographer, but how creative can they get? Sure, nowaday digital manipulation is a big part of the final image but a lot of photographers still use physical work in ways that the rest of us couldn't even come up with.
10+ Hilariously Heartbreaking First World Cat Problems That We Probably Never Realized
Usually, when we think about cats, we think about how easy their lives are - eat, sleep, and play, all day long. But have you ever thought about the actual struggles they face? Especially first world cats.
Call #77 or 112 to Contact the Police in an Emergency?
College student evades cop-impersonating rapist by dialing #77 or 112 on her cell phone. True story? Good advice? Or is it neither?
10+ Unbelievable Examples Of Things Being Worn Down Over Time
From people and plants to cars and buildings, time eventually wears everything out. Sometimes it takes weeks or months, other times it can take years or decades, but eventually everything begins to crumble beneath the unstoppable pressure of Father Time.
10+ Pics That Reveal How The Same Products And Images Look In The West Vs. Middle-East
Bikinis and mini-skirts may be commonplace in the Western world, but the Middle-East is a slightly different story. Countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran enforce strict modesty laws on women in keeping with Islamic tradition, and prohibit any skin other than the face and hands from showing. These restrictions even apply to Britney and Madonna, as it turns out.
10+ Hilariously Painful Comics About Shaving That Only Women Will Truly Understand
I'm sure that shaving competes with periods for the first place on every women's blacklist. It's just one of many chores that you regularly avoid. The hair, however, keeps on growing despite your hatred towards it and at some point its removal becomes inescapable.
10+ Times People Took Posing With Sculptures To Another Level
If anyone tells you that posing near a sculpture is boring, it's only because they don't know how to do it properly. The sculptures are alive, and you only need to turn on your imagination to see that.
85+ Funny Pics That Perfectly Sum Up Marriage
Finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with isn't about finding somebody who's perfect. It's about finding somebody who's perfect for you. Because as you can see from this hilarious list compiled by Bored Panda, it's important to have a husband or wife who can handle all of your weird, annoying, and downright unbearable quirks!
Meet Melanie Gaydos, 28-Year-Old Model With A Rare Genetic Disorder Who Broke All Fashion Stereotypes
Her name is Melanie Gaydos, she's a brave woman who faced the fashion industry and won. This American is just 28 years old. She has a genetic disorder called ectodermal dysplasia, from which she suffers from the day she was born.
10+ Men Before & After Shaving That You Won’t Believe Are The Same Person
Growing out a beard can dramatically change a man's look, but shaving one off can be even more of a shock. Some say that beards make men's faces look stronger and more masculine, while others argue that it all comes down to bone structure. We're definitely not evolutionary scientists here at Bored Panda, but we've compiled some photos of guys before and after grabbing the razor, and we'd like to know which one you'd rather ride off into the sunset with.
It Took Us 1984 Hours To Create This Miniature Town For Hamsters
Let me present to you our hungry, hungry hamsters. Little lovely animals - living in a teeny town with handmade teensy details and eating tiny food there. The idea was to use this small town – named Yumville – for the big cause of advertising one of the leading food product companies, with making their products seem lovely for families as these hamsters do.
Photographer Uses 166-Year-Old Technique To Shoot Kids, And The Result Is Haunting
Spanish artist Jacqueline Roberts swims against the tide, reviving 19-th century photography in the digital era. Jacqueline's work mostly revolves around the psychological and emotional transition from childhood to adolescence, and the technique she uses further intensifies the eerily change, making the images look like something you'd find in your nightmares.
10+ Of The Worst Design Fails By “Crappy Design” (New Pics)
We're pretty sure the employees who came up with these ideas had a 'long talk' with their bosses after the fact.