GBT detection unlocks exploration of 'aromatic' interstellar chemistry
GBT detection unlocks exploration of 'aromatic' interstellar chemistry

Astronomers had a mystery on their hands. No matter where they looked, from inside the Milky Way to distant galaxies, they observed a puzzling glow of infrared light. This faint cosmic light, which presents itself as a series of spikes in the infrared spectrum, had no easily identifiable source. It seemed unrelated to any recognizable cosmic feature, like giant interstellar clouds, star-forming regions, or supernova remnants. It was ubiquitous and a bit baffling.

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WSU researchers say BPA alternatives used in plastics may pose health risks
Alternatives to the chemical bisphenol A, often used in plastic products, were found to cause genetic abnormalities in mice — and may also threaten human reproductive health.
New NSF-funded center to explore chemistry of 'nanothreads' | Penn State University
The U.S. National Science Foundation has awarded $1.8 million to a team of scientists led by John Badding, professor of chemistry, physics, and materials science and engineering at Penn State, to establish the NSF Center for Nanothread Chemistry.
Middle school science class partners with Fisher chemistry class for lesson
Pittsford, N. Y. (WHAM) - St. John Fisher College has begun a new partnership with a middle school science class in Pittsford. Ms. Humphreys at the Calkins Middle School in Pittsford has a curriculum which shows students how to recycle restaurant waste. Dr. Renuka Manchanayakage, an assistant professor of chemistry, will help to teach the class. The lessons involve teaching students about sustainability by converting fryer oil and other waste from a local restaurant into biodiesel fuel.
Purdue professor sets world record for fastest arrangement of the periodic table of elements
While you may be scratching your head, recalling all 118 elements on the Periodic Table isn’t a problem for Purdue University professor Vilas Pol.
Chemical reaction database in danger of closing down
Chemical Safety Library containing information on hazardous reactions is seeking a partner to help it stay afloat