Family photo-shoot gone wrong and the internet is exploding
Family photo-shoot gone wrong and the internet is exploding

What would you do if your paid family photo shoot turned into a ghost party? Pam Dave Zaring, took it on the bright side and turned it into a fountain of giggles. According to Pam, she paid for a family photo shoot to a photographer who claimed to be a pro. The photographer was met with a harsh light and did not know how to handle the shadows, so she just blurred them off. As an excuse, she told the family that 'her professor never taught her to retouch photos'. If you wanna see what that looks

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Truck blocks cameras from filming Trump on golf course
Photo and video crews were stymied in their attempts to film President Donald Trump on a golf course Wednesday.
Young Student Secretly Photographs People with Hidden Spy Cam in the 1890s
As a young student, mathematician Carl Størmer used a small hidden camera to photograph life on the streets of Oslo in the 1890s. The spy camera images are some of the earliest examples we have of street photography.
An attacker did not cut her hijab, police say. But why did the TDSB let the tearful 11-year-old face the cameras? | Toronto Star
The TDSB asked the girl’s family if they wanted to “join her when she spoke to media,” a spokesperson said Monday. “It (was) completely their decision.”
Florida House passes bill banning red light cameras; measure now moves to Senate
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP/WSVN) ? A bill proposing the the banning of red light cameras in the state of Florida has been passed in the state?s...
Red light cameras may soon be a thing of the past in Florida thanks to new legislation
Red light cameras in Florida may soon be a thing of the past thanks to a bill moving through the state legislature.
NYPD Union’s Lawsuit Could Reverse-Engineer Body Cameras Into Surveillance Tools
New York City’s largest police union doesn’t believe in public accountability for its officers. The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association made this abundantly clear again last week when it sued the city in an effort to block the release of NYPD body camera footage, citing a state civil rights law that bars the release of certain personnel records.