Make America Trumpalicious Again
Make America Trumpalicious Again

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Walk Of No Shame with Amber Rose
Walk Of No Shame with Amber Rose 1:53 Amber Rose takes pride in her stride. Don't let anyone call it a walk of shame! For more information visit: Submitted by: Funny Or Die Regular Keywords: Walk of Shame Amber Rose stride of pride sexy slut walk feminism sexual empowerment gender equality sex Views: 2,301,027
SNL Highlights: Ryan Gosling Struggles To Keep A Straight Face, But Does Manage To Believe In Santa
SNL Highlights: Ryan Gosling Struggle... Now that it's over, let's all laugh along with him. Submitted by: Maura Hehir Worthy Keywords: ryan gosling kate mckinnon saturday night live snl santa believer ufo sketch ryan gosling laughs kyle mooney aidy bryant santa's workshop snl recap snl highlights best of snl best sketches Views: 311,932
Hear Ryan Reynold's Brilliant Deadpool
Fans have been clamoring for the character Deadpool to host Saturday Night Live, because, um, that's just what some people choose to do with their time. So Ryan Reynolds took a page out of
Dear Stacey Dash, Who Knew Clueless Was a Biopic?
I have chilled on writing ex-actress and current Faux News mouthpiece Stacey Dash a sternly-worded letter for years, as I verbally chin-checked Raven-Symone. So this is overdue. Besides, so many of y’all asked me to that I was afraid that if I didn’t, you might pitch a tent on my eLawn ... Follow the Awesomely Luvvie FB page | The post Dear Stacey Dash, Who Knew Clueless Was a Biopic? appeared first on Awesomely Luvvie. Duplicating this content in entirety is expressly forbidden.
Can Hollywood Handle Decent, Modest, Good-Humored Chris Hemsworth? - Vanity Fair
Vanity FairCan Hollywood Handle Decent, Modest, Good-Humored Chris Hemsworth?Vanity FairSo Hemsworth's a model of decency and modesty and good humor in a context in which those virtues barely stand a chance. But—and I hate even to suggest it, curse my forked tongue, etc.—could these very virtues be what are holding him back? Which is
Manchester United: Watch moment Ander Herrera reveals Juan Mata cries at films in funny Q&A
Juan Mata admitted he’s a cry baby when watching films in a ‘most likely to’ challenge with Manchester United teammate Ander Herrera. The midfield pair were faced with the task of choosing between themselves when asked who is the most likely to do a ...