Gradient Music Nailart e preview Yours Cosmetics
Gradient Music Nailart e preview Yours Cosmetics

Visto che la musica accompagna ogni momento della mia giornata ho pensato di portarla anche sulle unghie con questa nailart realizzata con i nuovi nail stamping di :Yours Nails.:Yours cosmetics è un nuovo brand professionale dedicato alla tecnica del nailstamping che quest'anno sta vendendo un'impennata nella sua diffusione fra le professioniste del settore unghie.Le prime impressioni sono ottime, questi dischi sono pensati per lavorare con lo smalto ibrido semipermanente CND Shellac e c

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Amy Schumer's Viral Video Proves Guys Don't Understand Makeup
As a lifetime cosmetics fanatic, I've dated plenty of men who told me that I'd be "so much prettier without makeup." Perhaps you're familiar with this patronizing refrain. The best part is the commentary from these same guys when I skip several steps of my beauty routine. "Are you sick? You look so pale." "What's wrong with your eyelids? I can see all these little veins." (I no longer have any of these gents' phone numbers, obviously.) I've come to accept that guys just do not underst
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Rocking a band t-shirt when you don't actually listen to the music you're repping? Risky move, my friend. But these Unkosher Market tees, created by LA-based duo Alice and Shiran, are not at all like that. Sure, they've all got phrases those who practice Judaism would pick up on, but you don't have to be religious to think they're funny. Anyone who's up to date on pop culture would immediately recognize "Shvitz It Out" as a play on Taylor's Swift's "Shake It Off." And making a statement like "M
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One Dead as Occupation Leaders Ammon and Ryan Bundy Arrested
Ammon and Ryan Bundy and six other people were arrested Tuesday in a confrontation with authorities in Oregon, the FBI said.
Why It's Time to Celebrate Average-Size Women
This post was written by our POPSUGAR UK editor and originally appeared on POPSUGAR Fashion UK. Unless otherwise stated, all dress sizes referenced are UK sizes. US sizes are approximately UK minus 4 (e.g., UK 14 = US 10). Source: Getty / Karwai Tang Some have suggested that 2014 was "the year of plus-size." To others, it was nothing more than a token nod in the right direction: a couple of models over a size 10 featured in big campaigns, a couple of celebrity collections that didn't stop at